The Team

The Team


Sales Department

Motorclothes Department

  • Shauna Neely

    Motorclothes Manager

    Shauna Neely

  • Katie Van Pelt

    Motorclothes Associate

    Katie Van Pelt

  • Terra Delgado

    Motorclothes Associate

    Terra Delgado

  • Yolanda Alonzo

    Motorclothes Associate

    Yolanda Alonzo

Parts Department

  • Rick Stratton

    Parts Manager

    Rick Stratton

  • Greg Gallien

    Parts and Accessories Pro

    Greg Gallien

  • Eric Locke

    Parts and Accessories Pro

    Eric Locke

  • Nicole Einan

    Parts and Accessories Pro

    Nicole Einan

  • Alfredo Suarez

    Parts to Service

    Alfredo Suarez

Service Department

  • Jeremy smith

    Service Manager

    Jeremy smith

  • Nancy Cooper

    Service Admin

    Nancy Cooper

  • Ivan Kassianov

    Service Advisor

    Ivan Kassianov

  • Pierre Bass


    Pierre Bass

  • Art Hademan

    Service Advisor

    Art Hademan

  • Jay Ellis


    Jay Ellis

  • Kelly Barton


    Kelly Barton

  • Greg Honn


    Greg Honn

  • Al Zavala

    Building Maintenance

    Al Zavala

At times we are on the look out for individuals to join us who share our passion and commitment. If this is you and you are interested in working with us, please get in touch